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Börse Frankfurt


Equity, ISIN NL0000009082, WKN 890963, KPN

Master Data

Transparency Standard Quotation Board
Market Segment Open Market
Trading Model Type Continuous auction by specialist
Specialist Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist GmbH
Country Niederlanden
Sector -
Subsector -
Sector telecom service providers

Information on the Security ISIN NL0000009082

ISIN NL0000009082
Reuters Instrument Code
Authorized Capital / Shares 4,270,254,664
Capital Stock in Stück 4,270,254,664

Constituent of the following indices

STOXX All Europe 800
STOXX Global ESG Environmental Leaders Index
STOXX Global ESG Governance Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Leaders
STOXX Global ESG Social Leaders Index

Frankfurt Handelsparameter

Specialist Bankhaus Scheich Wertpapierspezialist GmbH
Continous Quotation Yes
Minimum tradeable Unit 1

Xetra Trading Parameters

Symbol KPN
CCP-Capability Yes
Instrument Type -
Instrument Sub-Type -
Instrument Group STX1
Trading Model Type Continuous trading, opening auction, intraday auction(s), and closing auction
Minimum tradeable Unit 1
Maximum Spread 0.20 EUR
Minimum Quote Size 2000
First Trading Day 14/08/2008
Start Pre Trading 07:30:00
End Post Trading 20:30:00
Start Intraday Auctions 13:10:00
Depot Type Collective custody, central custodian or direct safe custody