Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate

The European exchange for structured products in Frankfurt

Zertifikate Säule

Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG is a company of Deutsche Börse Group. Certificates, warrants and reverse convertibles are traded on the Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate. The exchange operates the trading venue in Frankfurt with around 1.7 million products for participants from all over Europe.

Fast execution

  • The use of the most powerful, fastest and most stable trading technologies enables order executions within milliseconds. This makes the Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate one of the fastest European exchanges.
  • For products in the premium segment and orders smaller 10,000 Euro and 10,000 pieces, the specialists ensure, to the best of their abilities, to execute those orders within max. 30 seconds.

Higher liquidity for better prices

  • Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate AG bundles the European order flow. This ensures higher liquidity which in turn means narrow spreads, i.e. the bid and ask prices are close together.
  • 98 per cent of all products at the Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate are categorized into the so-called premium segment. Issuers in this segment have to fulfill high requirementsl, such as the continuous provision of bid and ask prices during the trading hours of their products. This guarantees that the products can be traded at any time. Click here to find out which issuers meet these high requirements.
  • Both factors – high requirements for issuers and European order flow –  increase the chances of better prices. Note: You always get the best price on the stock exchange. We call this principle the "Best Price Principle".

 Surveillance of stop-orders

  • When trading premium products within the Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate premium segment the stop limit set by the investor is continuously compared with the bid price of the issuer. As soon as the bid price touches or falls below the stop limit, the stop order can be triggered. The above-mentioned execution guarantee of 30 seconds is also applicable. After triggering, the stop order is executed at the next possible price. This also applies to stop-buy orders. Consequently, investors must not fear that a stop order will not be executed if no turnover takes place in a product over a longer period. Please note: The issuer has no insight into the order book and therefore cannot deliberately trigger any stop loss orders.

 Long trading hours

  • Long trading hours: Investors can trade most certificates and leveraged products in Frankfurt from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. However, investors should consider that they get the best prices when the trading volume is high because the spreads are then very narrow. This is primarily the case during the peak trading hours of the underlying's home market, i.e. from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in Germany. But late trading allows investors to react to events, e.g. in the USA.


  • At the Börse Frankfurt Zertifikate, specialists support the trading with certificates and leveraged products. They are in direct contact with the issuers and monitor the execution of buy and sell orders – even if the price determination takes place automatically. In this way, order volumes higher than the number quoted by the issuer can be processed.

More security

  • The Trading Surveillance Office (HÜSt) acts as a neutral entity and protects the interests of investors by monitoring the compliance with the trading rules. If an investor fears that the order has not been processed correctly, he can contact the Trading Surveillance Office within 2 hours after order execution via a free hotline: Phone: 0800 -23 020 23, huest@deutsche-boerse.com

No trading fee

  • No trading fee for orders up to 1,000 euros in all certificates and leveraged products.