Your entry to the stock exchange

First Steps of becoming a Shareholder

Blauer Bulle aus Gummi mit der Sprechblase "Willkommen bei der Börse!"

What opportunities does the stock market offer me? How do I open a securities account? How do I trade a share? We would like to answer these and many other questions with entertaining explanatory films and all important information. Become a shareholder now.

Zwei junge Leute Anna und Michael schweben in gedanken

Chapter 1: Searching for returns 

Traditional savings investments are becoming increasingly unprofitable due to low interest rates. Anna and Michael are newcomers to the stock market and would therefore like to convince themselves of the diverse possibilities of investing in securities. Accompany the two as they take their first steps as investors on the trading floor.

Darstellugn des Börsensaals mit Menschen mit Anna und Michael im Vordergrund

Chapter 2: How the stock market works 

Anna and Michael have arrived at the stock exchange. But what exactly happens here? What does a stock exchange do at all? Let the two of them explain the most important functions and processes of a stock exchange to you.

Anna und Michael stehen vor dem Handelssaal und schauen Aktienschein an

Chapter 3: Shares - Participating in companies

Shares are probably the best known securities that are traded on the stock exchange. Nevertheless, many newcomers to the stock market, such as Michael and Anna, do not know exactly what a share is. Let the two of them explain to you what types of shares there are and what advantages they offer for companies and shareholders.

Anna und Michael stehen unsicher vor dem DAX Chart

Chapter 4: Guide to stock selection 

Finding one's way around the multitude of shares requires some know-how. Our private investors Anna and Michael will show you how to choose stocks skilfully and strategically. With useful hints and easy to understand explanations, they show you how to choose the right shares for you.

Abbildung vom Ipad mit der Website von Börse-Frankfurt

Chapter 5: Share Facts - Be Always Informed

When evaluating shares, neutral information for investors such as Anna is the be-all and end-all. One of the most important sources is the official website of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Our video explains the most important functions of the website so that you are always informed about the development of your shares.

Die Handelsplätze Xetra und Börse Frankfurt

Chapter 6: The Stock Exchanges of Deutsche Börse 

There are a number of stock exchanges in Germany where you can buy and sell shares. By far the largest and most important of these stock exchanges is the one in Frankfurt. That's why Anna and Michael also want to invest their money here. In this video you can find out what advantages they have from this.

Abbildung vom Xetra Orderbuch

Chapter 7: How to determine the share price 

Before investing successfully in equities, it is important to understand a few principles about the stock price. Our private investors Anna and Michael take a closer look at the stock pricing process. Learn together with the two what can move the price of a share.

Zwei junge Leute stehen vor den "Aktien" und "Depot" Schildern

Chapter 8: Basic rules for shareholders

Securities trading is not gambling. Principles help you to be successful on the stock exchange. Our private investors Anna and Michael will go through the most important basic rules together with you and make sure that after the video you are well prepared for your entry as a shareholder.

Anna und Michael wollen ein Depot eröffnen

Chapter 9: Here we go: Open a securities account 

If you want to trade securities on the stock exchange, you need a securities account. Anna and Michael will introduce you to two ways of opening a securities account and show you the respective advantages. Accompany them and learn how quickly you can open a securities account yourself.

Darstellung eines Monitors mit der Online Bank

Chapter 10: Place the first order 

How do you actually buy or sell shares, or in technical terms, how do you place an order? This question arises for many new investors on the stock exchange, including Anna and Michael. In this video, we show you how to place an order using an online securities account.