Explanatory notes on the data

Fundamental key figures for shares

Dividend (2019)

Earnings per share in Euro distributed by the company to the shareholders for the fiscal year indicated. Cash dividends after deduction of corporate taxes are stated. These are the gross dividends from the investors' perspective before deduction of potential income taxes.

Dividend yield in %

Distributed dividend per share in relation to the current share price. It indicates how many Euros of yield a share generates per euro paid for its purchase with the dividend. Please note that the dividend yield here is based on the distribution of the past fiscal year. Future earnings may differ from this.

Price-to-Earnings RatioThe Price-to-Earnings ratio. It indicates how many Euros you have to pay for one Euro of company profits. It is the world's most widely used indicator for a fundamental valuation of stocks.
Earnings per share (EPS)Net income in the above financial year after taxes, interest and depreciation per share outstanding.

Data source is Facunda financial data.