Explanatory notes on the data

Trading parameters for Frankfurt floor trading

Smallest tradeable unit

How high is the minimum quantity of an order. In Frankfurt floor trading this is usually 1, i.e. one share, one fund unit or one securitised certificate. In the case of bonds, there is a minimum volume, as nominal shares in a bond are traded in euros. You can find this specification in the master data in the data sheet overview.


The order books of all securities in floor trading are managed by independent securities trading banks, the specialists. For each security, exactly one trader takes care of the orders, monitors the price determinations and continuously sets offer prices. Eight of these banks are currently operating in Frankfurt.

Trading model

The market model defines the basic principles of order execution and price determination for the trading venue. In floor trading these are Continuous Auctions, on Xetra Continuous Auction Trading.

CCP settlement

CCP is the English abbreviation for the central counterparty that acts as the counterparty in settlement. The CCP acts as a buyer to sellers and as a seller to buyers. This reduces the risk in securities trading, as it ensures that the trade will definitely take place - regardless of whether buyers become insolvent or sellers cannot deliver the securities at all.