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Prime Standard for equity

Die Fensterfront eines Hochhauses in Nahaufnahme

The Prime Standard is a segment of the EU regulated market and the admission portal for companies wishing to position themselves vis-à-vis international investors.

The follow-up obligations applicable in the Prime Standard go beyond those of the General Standard and must be fulfilled in addition to these. The Prime Standard thus represents the transparency standard with the highest requirements on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and even throughout Europe.

The other post-admission obligations of the Prime Standard are not only characterised by the higher degree of transparency requirements, but above all by the requirement that they should also be met in English.

Inclusion in the DAX, MDAX, TecDAX and SDAX selection indices is reserved for issuers admitted to the Prime Standard.

The admission requirements and the individual follow-up obligations are governed by the Exchange Rules for the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. They include

  •    Reporting in German and English,
  •     Application of international accounting standards (IFRS/IAS or US-GAAP),
  •     Publication of a company calendar,
  •     Conducting at least one analyst conference per year,
  •     Ad-hoc announcements also in German.

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