Suitable phase for IPOs.

IPO window is the German term for "window of opportunity" and refers to a period on the stock market when it may be favorable for companies to go public.

This period is determined by several factors:

  • The market environment, i.e. how high are stock prices? A company can place its shares on the market at a correspondingly "expensive" price.
  • The investor sentiment for new shares, which also depends on whether they expect subscription gains, i.e. how issue and trading prices have developed in IPOs in the recent past.
  • Volatility as a barometer for uncertainty, because higher volatility also makes it riskier for the company to know how many shares they can sell and at what price.
  • But internal accounting processes also play a role, e.g. when which annual and semi-annual reports are ready, which are needed for the prospectus and the road show, which is the targeted approach to professional investors.

Moreover, this window is not open to all companies equally. Certain industries appeal more than others. The equity story, industry expression for the argumentation in the investor and analyst address, should fit the taste of the time.

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