Mutual funds with a sustainability approach

Hold small amounts of shares in fund assets that invest according to sustainability criteria. 

Actively managed mutual funds are the traditional form of sustainable investment. Many investors hold shares in a portfolio in whose securities selection ecological and social criteria are included. Comprehensive research is often carried out on this, either by the fund management or a rating agency.

These funds are classified as environmentally sustainable because they have the best Climetrics climate rating. The independent rating is carried out by the Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP for short, in collaboration with ISS-ESG. The funds are assessed in three categories: portfolio holdings, investment policy and management of climate issues. All the funds shown here have received the top rating of 5. 

Sustainable fund types

In the meantime, a large number of fund products have established themselves on the market, which can be categorised as follows:

-Environmental Technology Fund Sustainability Fund

-Ethical Eco-Efficiency Fund

-Ecological investment funds

Sustainable fund types:

-Stock fund of funds

-pension fund mixed fund

-Microfinance Fund-ETF'S

-real estate fund

-Convertible bond fundDeutsche Börse Group13

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